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Sally HamsonEducation Consultant


Message from Sally Hamson

I am a highly experienced school leader with more than 28 years working in schools as a teacher and a leader. I began my career in education as a class teacher in a supportive yet challenging primary school. After some very successful years learning ‘the trade’ I was fortunate enough to be offered the role of Deputy Head at another equally challenging yet highly supportive school. It was here where I discovered my love for leadership and decided to study for my NPQH.

My first Headship was a successful and exhilarating experience. I laughed, I cried, I panicked and I celebrated. The rush of emotions was highly unexpected for me. I often referred to headship as living life on a roller coaster – immense highs mixed in with incredible lows. Life was never dull, imposter syndrome ran through my veins, but through the wonderful encouragement I had from colleagues and friends I was able to cope and remain strong and true to my values.

Through this time I qualified as a Local Leader of Education (LLE) and was deployed by my local County as a partner headteacher supporting schools that were struggling locally. I coached and mentored new Headteachers and led a New Heads training programme across the county. I believe wholeheartedly in CPD for all and am incredibly proud that my 4 Deputy Heads all moved into successful headships.

After 12 years I was fortunate to accept a position working for a primary trust where I was employed as their Director for School Improvement. This trust consisted of 11 Primary schools spread right across the county ranging from those that had achieved Outstanding to those that were unfortunate enough to be in Special Measures and everything else in between. The role was both exhilarating and challenging as it was a new trust that had no previous track record and no policies or procedures in place. My role here was to support the CEO in creating these procedures as well as supporting the Headteachers in driving up the standards in their schools.

I made the decision to move from the trust to find a different role and was fortunate to be employed by Milton Keynes Council working as a School Improvement Partner. Through this role I was privileged to work alongside experienced school leaders and support new school leaders. I have led Headteachers appraisals, conducted whole school teaching and learning reviews, safeguarding reviews, website checks, governor training sessions, offered advice on schools’ curriculums and completed headteacher interviews.

As employment with MKC moved to its natural end I decided to set up my own business as a passionate and highly motivated Education Consultant. I firmly believe that school leaders need support. Support for their well-being, support for their mental health and support with the “day to day”. I have always wanted to engage with new headteachers in the first 2 years of their roles as I am concerned by how they are completely left alone to just “get on with it” and this can be really tough.

I can offer support for all Headteachers and senior leaders with many areas such as HTPM, writing a SEF, School Improvement Planning, whole school reviews, deep dives, getting ready for Ofsted, coaching, mentoring, data analysis, safeguarding reviews and working with your governing body if that is what is required. I pride myself in many years of working in partnership with school leaders and having been a headteacher for 14 years I completely understand how difficult the role can actually be.

If you would like to discuss how I could support you in your roles please feel free to contact me on – sally@hamsonlearning.co.uk. Mobile 07740 656 734

Mobile 07740 656 734


My Core Values

Values are very important to me. They influence all my decisions, encompass my foundational beliefs, dictate my behaviour and guide me to make the decisions I take. I have discovered what my personal values are through my life experiences. These 5 fully resonate with me, describe me and are the ones that I live my life by.


My Vision for the Future

I firmly believe in education, not just for pupils in our schools but for everyone. I believe that all staff have the right to develop and grow and school leaders should have this at their core. This is why I want to support school leaders to enable them to become the best possible and for all their staff to flourish and develop fully under their leadership.


Why Choose Me

I believe that my 28 years of experience in education, from a class teacher through to Headteacher, Director of School Improvement and a School Improvement Partner make me the best choice to support you with your roles. I have truly enjoyed my work, am passionate about education for everyone and have the leadership experiences to assist you. For more confirmation of this please see the comments from others who I have supported.