Curriculum Leadership

A series of packages to fit your needs

A - Deep Dive Sessions

To take a curriculum leader through a “deep dive” in their specific curriculum area in preparation for an Ofsted Inspection.

  • Meet with Curriculum leader and talk through their subject, check through subject development plans and complete a planning scrutiny
  • Learning walks through the school – looking at the teaching and learning of their curriculum area
  • Talk through lessons observed, potential feedback to be given, areas for improvement, next steps and improving their development plan.

The visit will take half a day working with the curriculum leader.

B - Curriculum Leader Development Package

  • To meet with a new curriculum leader and take them through the processes of leading a curriculum area in school.

    • Writing a policy and a development plan
    • Monitoring their subject through the school
    • Assessment and Data analysis
    • Training staff in teaching their curriculum area effectively
    • Feedback techniques to staff after lesson visits
    • Taking the curriculum leader through a “Deep Dive” style analysis
    • Completing the circle – back to the development plan and policy – next steps.

    This will consist of a combination of visits to the school and remote training and coaching.

    Each session will take 1 hour and can be through the school day or after school sessions. They can be set as specific hours or combined together to make a longer session where more will be covered – this is entirely up to the school and how they wish to manage these sessions.

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