Head Teacher Appraisals

A series of packages to fit your needs

Headteacher Appraisal Package A will include:

  • My attendance as an experienced and trained external advisor
  • I will review of all the information provided in advance of the meeting by the Headteacher. This information should include:
    • Information to support the decisions around last year’s objectives
    • Information to support the discussion around the objectives for the coming academic year
  • My attendance at a “three-part meeting” to review performance and to advise the panel as they set the objectives for the following year. These meetings will be with:
    • The Headteacher and Myself
    • The Panel of Governors and myself
    • The Headteacher, The Panel of Governors and myself.

Headteacher Appraisal Package B will include:

  • All of Appraisal Package A - plus
  • Drafting the appraisal review document, including the new objectives. This document will be forwarded to the Chair of the panel for any additions, amendments and adjustments before being sent to the Headteacher for signing.

Interim Meeting

The Headteacher appraisal panel should organise at least one interim meeting during the appraisal cycle to consider the successes achieved, any barriers to progress and any additional support or development needs that might benefit the Headteacher.

This part is not usually supported by an advisor however I will be happy to support you.

To book or discuss in more detail please contact me