School & Peer Reviews

A series of packages to fit your needs

Whole School Review Package will include:

  • Desktop website analysis and Data Analysis (if provided) – prior to the visit.
  • Joint Learning Walks – focus on Phonics, Reading and Maths.
  • Curriculum Leader interviews x 2 of your choice including book looks and planning checks.
  • Safeguarding Check (not a full review)
  • Pupil Voice / Staff Voice / Parent Voice
  • Discussion with the SENDCo
  • Behaviour for Learning and in School
  • Leadership Interview looking at the curriculum.
  • Governor interview
  • Feedback to the Leadership team

This review will take 2 full days – ½ a day completing the Desktop analysis, a full day in school and a final ½ a day writing the report.

Teaching and Learning Review Package will include:

  • Joint Lesson Observations – Subjects of the schools choice
  • Curriculum Leader interviews x 4 of the schools choice
  • Book Looks, Data Analysis and Planning Scrutiny (if available)
  • Inclusion Interview with SENDco.
  • Feedback to the Leadership team

This review will take 1 ½ days – a full day in school and a ½ a day writing the report.

Peer Review Packages
Peer review is not an easy option. Collaboration working well requires commitment, expertise and a robust partnership where leaders are not afraid of the challenge. Peer Review led correctly can provide sustained school improvement and continuous leadership development.

Peer Review Package A includes



  • My expertise in leading Peer Reviews across 3 schools
  • Training for the leaders conducting the review
  • Drawing up timetables for the day, support in choosing what to review on the day, feedback to the schools after the review
  • Working collaboratively to ensure that the Peer Review is successful and includes all 3 schools
  • Support in creating targeted areas of improvement

Peer Review Package B includes



  • All of Package A plus
  • A written report following each Peer Review with comments and Areas for Improvement
  • A follow-on visit after 8 weeks to challenge around the improvements and work with the leaders to drive the improvement even further.

To book or discuss in more detail please contact me